The Entrepreneurial Mindset: Stop Thinking and Just Try It!

Actions speak louder than words. Especially when developing a company. Being in a constant purgatory of just thinking about it and not doing anything about it is the cause for most ideas never getting to market. That is not the mindset to have. 

If you want to start a company or you want to have a successful business you will need to adopt this philosophy. 

What do you mean by that? Well we mean you need to try things not just sit and talk and think about them.

Sounds simple? In theory yes but in practice its much harder and scarier and a much rare mindset. Most people are thinkers and NOT doers. It’s hard to become a doer because doers fail a lot. NOT everything you work on will work, but the doers keep going and understand that’s just part of the process. The thinkers on the other hand are the ones that will think so much that they will talk themselves out of an idea or think of every single edge case on how to approach something. 

Doers win, thinkers lose… in todays agile economyThe days where you can and should be “patient” and needing time to think through things are gone. That’s a big legacy company mentality, I mean look at the Taxis vs Uber. The taxis probably thought about how to compete and planned on how to compete with Uber for years instead of taking on Uber’s mindset of just doing. Uber really is just a dispatcher and there is NO reason why the Taxi industry couldn’t have adopted faster. As a early founder/company your competitive advantage is that you can DO and by doing you can gather feedback quickly. 

What do you mean? Well let’s say you want to get more users and you think the best way is through ads. Well a doer would just go create a Instagram or Facebook ad on the spot, spend $25 or $50 to just see how it performed vs a thinker who would spend all this time researching and trying to find “the perfect” ad. The doer will win because they are getting real time feedback and learning by doing. The best way to learn is by doing a lot, through trial and error. It’s all about the mindset you need to have as you think about your idea.

Real talk: Stop spending all your time reading about how to do something, instead just go do it. Take what you read and then go execute on it. You don’t need to read 100 articles then figure out the common theme amongst them and then do it, just do it now because that’s the only way you will make progress. If you want to launch that business, do it, don’t keep thinking about doing it.