The best way to get your product to market!

“This needs to be perfect before I let anyone see it” might’ve worked when writing college essays.

In the real world, ‘Shipped’ is better than ‘Perfect’.

Many founders come from decent academic backgrounds and aren’t used to failing, which leads them into this fallacy of ‘perfection’, but that “needs-to-be-perfect” academic mindset is destined to fail. Here, perfect doesn’t exist. You won’t create something and then never touch it again. That’s how you become obsolete. So if you realize that you’ll have to update it anyways, then why are you spending another day without launching it?

Common misguided notions:

  • “I’ll only have one chance to launch it” = only marginally true. Most people, most of your users won’t know about your launch.

Parting Words: Jason Fried puts it best:  “If you want to feel good, brainstorm it. If you want to appear good, test it. If you want to know if you’re any good, ship it.”