Kohab Transforms Lives of Home Owners with Reliable Bits

Kohab is a platform that provides tools for Homeowners Associations (HOA’s) through automated organization. (J – I don’t really understand what this means)

Kohab was founded by Peter Stolarski after his own frustrations managing his neighborhood’s HOA. He saw how hard it was to figure out basic questions like who paid their dues on time because HOA’s are currently managed by pen and paper. The technology solutions are ugly, slow, and clunky. Peter knew there was an opportunity to transform this industry and that he was the perfect person to tackle this problem. Peter, like many other entrepreneurs we work with has another business and this is his side hustle. His main business pays the bills until Kohab can become his main business. As this is such a big opportunity, that day could come very soon. 

Because this industry is so antiquated, Reliable Bits is helping Kohab build a platform that will not overwhelm users who are used to the pen and paper approach. When we first started designing, our prototype had about five or six main features but by the time we went into development we decided to focus on only three core features. We focused on ensuring that the on-boarding process would drive product adoption and realized the other features were nice to haves and could be built after the platform was launched. 

Those three core features were: 

Allowing HOA members to pay their dues online

Allowing users to see how their dues were being spent

Allowing users to report issues that the HOA needs to fix  

Now these might seem like pretty straightforward features but there was heavy lifting with permissions and user role management.  For example, HOA’s have Presidents, Board Members, and Treasures who all have different responsibilities. We needed to have a deep understanding of their roles in order to build the best user experience for each of them. 

Kohab is onboarding HOA’s at an incredibly fast pace. We are currently in the process of building out a native iOS app so that users can manage their HOA on the go. 

We are so proud of what we’ve built with Kohab and are excited to watch the company thrive and help bring this archaic industry into the 21st century.