You Have an Idea For a Business. What Now?

Once you have a business idea what should you do next?

Having helped launch dozens of businesses through Reliable Bits, I want to provide my insight on what I believe your next steps should be – even before you start researching or talking to customers.


The First Step After You Think of an Idea

You should write your About Us page and focus on your values and mission statement. You’re About Us should explain who you are and why you are starting this business. You must be authentic because today’s customers can sniff through bullsh*t.


Why Start with an About Us?

Writing an About Us page is often overlooked. However, it is one of the most powerful things a founder can do when they start a business because it helps you to really think hard about why your business should exist. This is why so many great direct to consumer brands are seeing such great traction because they have very strong stories and are amazing at articulating their value add. Go watch a Warby Parker interview you watch you will see how they discuss their founding story: Interview 1, Interview 2.

The act of writing your About Us page will help you to explain your message to customers, press and other stakeholders.

Many of the most successful companies differentiate themselves through authentic storytelling.

Here are some good About Us pages to get you started:




Having trouble writing your About Us page? Send me what you have and I’ll help you polish it.