motivational phrase, don't give up, handwritten with white chalk on a blackboard

How To Know When To Give Up?

As almost all entrepreneurs will tell you how each and every single one of them has battled with this question at some point in their journey. You’re not alone although it may seem extremely lonely up there.

So when should you give up? The first bad review? The 50th bad one? the 100th consecutively bad one?
The 2nd week without new customers? The 3rd month without them?

There is really no easy answer to this topic, however the simple answer is that you should never give up.

We believe that ideas can change and what your business does can change too.However the idea of keeping is the way go till you find success. There is only one way to run out of business and that is if you run out of money. Either that’s money through investors or profits, that doesn’t matter much when it’s drying out.

That being said it is also not recommended to be attached to ideas. You should be more obsessed with and never give up on the idea of creating.

Twitter came out of Podio, which was a podcast. Groupon came out of a different idea as well, and there are numerous other examples. True entrepreneurs will always keep going and never give up. They have the fight and resolve to figure out how to keep their dream of creating alive.

In a nutshell. Be OK with avoiding an idea if no one wants the product but never give up on creating. Be smart with your experiments. The founders and companies that believe in the ideology that ideas are a dime a dozen and the act of making progress, of creating is more important happen to be the most outlasting of all. You have to be able to evolve and just never give up.

Think of how far Google has come from it’s humble beginnings as a search engine. Think of Amazon which started off just selling books and only sold books for several years. Today it also runs the most reliable infrastructure of servers for millions of other businesses.