DeepTalks Podcast: Turning $1,100 to 6 Figures in ONE Year (Human Factor Media)

TDLR We had the pleasure of speaking with Zack Slingsby, the founder of Human Factor Media. Human Factor Media is a service based business that helps other small businesses make videos people actually want to watch.

During today’s Early Days episode you’ll learn:

  • How he came up with the idea: He followed the money, oh I mean market. Zachary is a creative and you’ll hear what other creative endeavor he wanted to conquer (it’s still something he wants to pursue) but he understood that video is where the market is currently rewarding creativity and went after it. 
  • How much capital he started with: $1,100 that he spent on a camera — yes, you got that right. You won’t believe how much he made his first year with that investment.
  • How he got his first customer: He got his first two clients at the same time, albeit through different ways: One through his personal network, the other from a referral (yes, I know you are wondering, “how did someone refer him before he had customer ?”) He provided his service for free to build his portfolio and one of those clients recommended him.
  • Business model: B2B – Retainers (Clients pay monthly — it’s like MMR for service based business), but it wasn’t always like this. During the podcast you’ll learn what his initial business model was how why he changed it. 

Listen to the entire podcast to hear much much more about Human Factor Media like how Zachary is growing his business, what’s next, and his current revenue. As always please rate us, comment us, tweet us, and all the other stuff people are doing these days.  

Most importantly share this with a friend as it’s important to show others that you don’t have to be Mark Zuckerberg (Zachary mentions something in this vein) to be super successful and find success. Please tag another self funded business whose early days you want to learn about.

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