Cheapest Way to Validate Your Idea

So you have an idea and you want to validate it before committing 100% to it.  

Well lucky for you we have a great solution for you: start with design. Design is something that can help you show users, customer, investors, etc .what your product will look and be like. It’s also a great way to get feedback from your stakeholders ASAP. That way if you need to tweak something you can do it before it gets into development (which is a lot more costly). 

In order to get your product to development, you must design it – however doing design right is hard. What do I mean by that? It is difficult to get feedback from your potential users and then have the discipline to take that feedback and change what’s necessary before getting into development. Most entrepreneurs want to jump right into development. By taking your time and going though the design phase first, you not only receive validation but you are also in the process of getting feedback and potential users excited.  

After working and launching over 50+ software products over the last two years we’ve found this to be the most effective way of building out your idea. 

How long should design take? We’ll when we do this type of exercise with entrepreneurs we usually spend a week on UI and UX design and then 1 to 2 week on developing a prototype. Therefore, it takes about 2 or 3 weeks beforeyou have something to show to potential users. 

Sounds amazing? Yes it is, we love this approach. Ready to get going? Get started here or shoot me an email at

But how much would this cost and what do I get? This will not cost you more than $5,000 but it usually ranges from $1,000 to $3,000. However, it will depend on what you want to build.

UI and UX design: will be your how the site or app looks and feels

Bonus: Take your app or site to the next level and get a prototype done as well. 

Prototype: We do prototypes in a unique way compared to others because we don’t use Invision. We actually build your prototype in HTML for a Web app or if you are building a mobile app we will code the UI (with no backend). This is an incredible approach because it allows your users to really play around with the product. Plus, when it’s time to develop you already have the infrastructure in place.

Any success stories? Hell yes, again we really love this approach because it’s the most cost effective way to actually start building your product and getting feedback. You can do so much with design. Paytronage, a client of ours that got acquired literally went with this approach and had over 1000 sign ups their first night. They didn’t just go with their gut or market research on what competitors were doing, they actually showed the design to the users and thus had some edits before they went into development but nonetheless they had great results.