The Best Email Marketing Tool To Use When Starting Your Business

Let’s face it, email is still one of the best ways to communicate with your customer.  It’s the place where you can tell customers  about your product, promotions, news and updates etc.

There are two types of emails typically sent: Ok. Then what are they?  What Transactional and Marketing

  • Transactional emails – emails that are triggered based on user’s interactions with your product or service. Such as: users signing up, requesting a password reset, placing an order, submitting a support ticket, etc.
  • Marketing emails – are ones that you send them to notify them of new products, news, and updates about your services.

Cool, so which ones are the best for sending these types of emails?  

But how do I decide which one to use. Don’t worry we got you covered. You here are three comparisons resource that will do a way better job that we can to decide which one to use:

Let me know in the comments below which email tool you like using and why?